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Are you interested in joining a society? You are not alone. Here is a list of some. If you want to tell me about a society fill in the form below.


Bifrost Folket Stockholm Ironage, with the emphasis on Asatru, Runes, Handicraft etc.
Elvegrimarne Gothenburg -
Nätverket Gimle All over Sweden Nordic network with an online community.
Rimfrost Lund -
The Stallarholm Vikings Stallarholmen -
The Swedish AsatruSociety All over Sweden The Swedish AsatruSociety is an organisation for everyone interested in old norse religion and its myths.
Teuterna Nothwest Scania. Have members from all over Sweden. Viking and medivalage, handicraft, showfighting, bow-shooting and nice fellowship
The Gothenburg Viking Ship Society Gothenburg The Gothenburg Viking Ship Society is located in and around Gothenburg, Sweden. We have built and are sailing a merchant ship (a "knarr"), and a coast vessel. We also have in our care a Norwegian 'ranværing', which has been bequeathed to us.
Vikinggroup Tören Nynashamn -
Vikingsociety Fafner Arsunda -
Vikingsociety Halsingarna - -
Wikingsociety Heidrun Gotland Creates clothes and armor.
Österhus vänner Ostersund We are building a Vikingage environment on an island i the lake Storsjön. We have a house to live in and a viking ship to sail with.

Outside Sweden:

Forn Siðr, Asa- og Vanetrosamfundet Denmark Forn Siðr - Asa and Vane religious community in Denmark is a gathering of people who worship the old nordic gods.
Íslenska Ásatrúarfélagið Iceland Asatruarfelagid is a confessional society/association for those who believe in the Icelandic/nordic folklore, the spirits and entities the folklore represents, in addition to gods and other beings from the Norse pantheon. The purpose of the society/association is keeping alive the old traditions, beliefs and ways, and making interest for the popular faith and the nordic cultural heritage.
The Vikings Britain Founded in 1971, The Vikings are the oldest and largest Dark Age re-enactment society in the UK, and probably the world. With over 700 members throughout Britain, and others in Europe and the US, The Vikings are the premier society presenting re-enactments of the Viking Age.

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