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Picture gallery

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Brynhild begs Odin
An illustration from F. L. Spence Rhine Legends (1915).
Thor's struggle against the giants
Painting by M. E. Vinge in the Swedish National Museum.
Brynhild and Gudrun's bath
Drawn by Anders Zorn to the Swedish translation of the Elder Edda (Fredrik Sander 1893).
Balder's death
Painted by P. Cramer 1779 to the Danish drama 1773 (written by Johanness Ewald with music from Johann Hartmann).
The three fates
Painted by the German Franz Stassen to the Nibelung Opera (Richard Wagner).
Painted by Georg v. Rosen 1886 to the Swedish translation of the Elder Edda (1893 Fredrik Sander).
Illustrated by John Bauer (1882-1918).
Regin forges Sigurd's sword
Wood detail from the Hylestad church in Norway.
Thor dressed as a bride
Drawn 1895 by Lorenz Frölish for Karl Gellerup's Danish translation of the Elder Edda.
Statue carved by B.E. Fogelberg (1786-1854) on the Swedish National Museum.
Oil on canvas by Carl Larsson 1914-1915. Swedish National Museum.

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