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Ginnunga Gapare

Would you like to become more involved with Ginnungagap? Become a Ginnunga Gapare (a gapare is somebody with an open mouth in Swedish)! As a Ginnunga Gapare you are part of a test panel from where you can change things and give your own ideas. Off course all guests could give their suggestions, but as a Ginnunga Gapare you help me even more by letting me send you short email questions (about different things on the site) that you can answer if you have time. Examples on questions could be "Is it hard to read the text with the new background image?", "Do you think it takes to long time to download the first page?" or "Do you miss anything in the FAQ?".

Everyone who has an interest in the Norse mythology (big or small) and wants the site to get better could be a Ginnunga Gapare! Off course you could quit this whenever you want. As a Ginnunga Gapare it is you who decide how active you want to be. Most will probably stick to answering the questions, but some maybe would like to write an article or for example tell about their trip to Birka. I'm sorry I can't offer you anything for helping out. It is because I am doing this voluntary without getting paid. As this is a brand new idea I haven't really decided how this will work out. I'm looking forward to hear from you!

I am sorry to say that I don't take any English speaking Ginnunga Gapare. The interest has been to weak and I have decided not to translate the Ginnunga Gapar section for only a few persons. If you are from Norway, Denmark or Finland or if you understand Swedish you could register as a Swedish speaking Ginnunga Gapare using the Swedish registration page.

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