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Winter 2004

Meet Olga & Ingegerd - two Viking princesses at the Historical Museum of Sweden, Stockholm

Two Viking women who became consorts to princes in the Old Russian empire. Both are now orthodox saints in the East. Their lives contain exciting tales of adventure, hope, power and religion.

In the exhibition an extremely well-preserved crypt from Ukraina will be on display to the public. The unique find, from the mid-eighth century, was found by archeologists in Kiev 1998. The crypt contained the remains of a wealthy Scanidanvian woman , but who was she?

The exhibition takes place between June 24, 2004, and June 19, 2005.

Summer 2002

The viking market at Foteviken [2002-06-28 - 30]: In Scanian Foteviken you can buy most things.

Viking days [2002-07-19 - 21] will be held in Nynäsham by the viking group Tören.

The medieval days [2002-08-04 - 11]: During the medieval week you can enjoy yourself immensely on Gotland.

Birka: Don't forget to visit Birka this summer! Strömma kanalbolag arrange trips there.

The Museum of National Antiquities: The Museum of National Antiquities has got a permanent Viking exhibition which is perfect for a rainy day.

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