Brother shall strike brother and both fall, Sister's sons slay each other,
Evil be on earth, an Age of Whoredom, Of sharp sword-play and shields' clashing,
A Wind-Age, a Wolf-Age, till the World ruins: No man to another shall mercy show.

Song Of Sybil, The Edda

Aegir's feast Alvis's marriage Balder's death
Fenrir get chained Frey is in love Freya's jewellery
Idun's apples Loki's bet with Brokk Mjollnir is stolen
Odin offers his eye Odin visits Vavtrudnir Ragnarok
Sigurd Fafnisbari The beginning The birth of Sleipnir
The human children The Mead of Poetry The Nibelunggold
The story about Rig The vanir war Thor and Geirod
Thor and Rungnir Thor and the ferryman Thor's fishing
Utgardaloki Volund the smith

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