Better gear than good sense a traveler cannot carry,
Better than riches for a wretched man, far from his own home.

The Words Of The High One, The Edda
Greek vs. Norse This very interesting and ambitious site compares Greek and Norse mythology. Diffrences, alikes and analyses in English.
Birka - the viking town Get to know more about the Swedish viking town Birka. Here are some info on the museum, the excavations et.c. English.
BBC Vikings for kids Need help on how to explain the viking phenomenon for kids? Here you get a lot of material. English.
Odinic Rite Incredibly much information! Read about gods, runes, rituals or read their magazine at Website of the Odinic Rite. English.
Raven Online On the Raven Online site you can read about rituals, gods, asatru and more. You can also read about asatru holidays. This site is in English.
Thor's Homepage This side turns to beginners, but it contains interesting bookreviews and texts about the gods, most is about Thor. English.
  Ultimate Barbarian   In The Ultimate Barbarian Page you can read about different kinds of asatru, gods, feasts, roleplaying and much more. English.
The Swedish AsatruSociety The Swedish AsatruSociety is an organisation that arranges several blot, i.e. feasts in honour of our gods and of the cycle of the year. English.
Encyclopedia Mythica The Encyclopedia Mythica have a section called Norse mythology where you could find most beings in the Norse myths. English.

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