I know an ash-tree, named Yggdrasil: Sparkling showers are shed on its leaves
That drip dew into the dales below. By Urd's Well it waves evergreen.

Song Of Sybil, The Edda
Asgard Einheriar Einheriar are warriors, chosen by the valkyries, who are brave enough to go to Valhalla. For example they mustn't have been killed from behind. They spend their days fighting and by the evening they are all healthy again and able to party. Einheriar means 'the ones from the same army'.
Fates The fates spins destiny-threads concerning past, present and future, for the humans. Every newborn child gets an own thread. Naudiz
Valkyries The valkyries task is to pick the men worthy enough to get to Valhalla after their honorable death. Valkyries means 'the ones who chooses the slain'.
Barri Barri is a calm copse where Gerd promises to meet Frey after nine nights and give him her love. The name Barri means 'grainfield'. Frey Gerd
Bilskirnir Bilskirnir is Thor and Sif's high stronghold in Trudvang. It has fivehundredforty rooms. The name Bilskirnir means 'better weather'. Sif Thor
Breidablik Under the silverroof on gold pillars lives Balder and Nanna. Nothing dirty has been there. Dawn guards there. Breidablik means 'the broad-gleaming'. Balder Dawn Delling Nanna Wunja
Fensalir Fensalir is Odin's wife Frigg's dwelling. It stands in the Gladsheim area. The name Fensalir means 'the seahalls'. Frigg
Field of Vigrid At the Field of Vigrid the aesirs met the giants for the final battle Ragnarok. The field must be really huge as both armys came marching at the same time.
Folkvang Folkvang is Freya's dwelling where she welcomes all the men who hasn't come to Valhalla. Folkvang means 'battle-field'. Freya
Gladsheim The Gladsheim area is Odin's territory. There is the stronghold Valhalla and Frigg's Fensalir. The name Gladsheim means 'glaring by gold'. Odin
Glasir Glasir is a big copsetree with leaves of red gold, standing outside Valhalla's entrance. Glasir means 'the shining'.
Glitnir The stronghold Glitnir belongs to Forseti, the god of justice. It was given to him by his father, Balder. The name means 'the glimmering'. Forseti
Himinbjorg Himinbjorg is Heimdall's dwelling in the north end of the rainbowbridge Bifrost, where he is the guardian. It means 'heavenly mountains'. Heimdall
Hlidskialf Hlidskialf is the highest tower in Valhalla. Odin can see Asgard and all the worlds from there. The name Hlidskialf means 'the high shelf on the side'.
Hoddmimir's Copse Hoddmimir's copse means Mimir's copse. That is were the humans Life and Lifelust stays during the Fimbulwinter. Life and Lifelust are the only humans that survives Ragnarok. Mimir
Idavoll The emerald-green grassyplain is the aesir's meeting-place and sports-arena. It was here they made their tools. The name Idavoll means 'the plain of diligence'.
Kormt Kormt is one of two watercourses that Thor have to wade across every time he is going to the aesirs thing. The other watercourse is named Ormt.
Noatun Noatun, the dwelling of the water and fishinggod Njord, is next to a big watercourse. The name Noatun means 'the ship place'. Njord
Ormt Ormt is one of two watercourses that Thor have to wade across every time he is going to the aesirs thing. The other is Kormt. Ormt means 'the winding'.
Oskopnir The island Oskopnir holds the onehundred miles field Vigrid where the aesirs shall meet the giants in tha final battle, Ragnarok. The name Oskopnir means 'the uncreated'.
Sessrumnir Sessrumnir is a big feast hall in the lovegoddess Freya's dwelling Folkvang. Sessrumnir means 'spacious with seats'. Freya
Sokvaback Sokvaback is the aesirgoddess Saga's dwelling with cooling waves. Odin spends a lot of time there. The name means 'the underwater hall'. Saga
Trudvang Trudvang is Thor's territory where his and his wife Sif's stronghold, Bildskirnir stands. The name means 'field of power'. Thor
Valhalla Odin's stronghold Valhalla had 540 doors allowing 800 men to pass at the same time. The einheriars and the gods parties there. The name Valhalla means 'the fallen warriors hall'. Odin Syn
Vidi Vidi is the place of Odin's quiet, but strong son Vidar. There grows grass and high rice. The name Vidi means 'forest'. Vidar
Yew Dales Yew Dales is the huntinggod Ull's territory. There grows many yew trees, which he uses to make long bows. Ull
Alfheim Alfheim On the farm Alfheim lives Frey with his wife and his servants. He got the farm as a toothgift of the aesirs. It has cows and boars. Beyla Byggvir Frey Gerd
Jotunheim Allgron The island Allgron is owned by the giant Fjolvar. Odin and Fjolvar spent five years there and seduced seven foolish girls. Fjolvar
Frananger In the rapid Frananger guards the dwarf Andvari, as a salmon, his gold. This is also where Loki tried to hide when he had killed Balder. Andvari
Galgvid In the forrest Galgvid lives many birds. There sits the watchman of the giants, Eggther and plays happily on his harp. Eggther
Gnitaheden Gnitaheden is the place where Fafne guarded the Nibelunggold, which he had stolen from his father, who had got it from Loki.
Grotunagard Grotunagard is the home of the giant Rungnir. He was killed there by Thor's hammer Mjollnir. Grotunagard means 'the stonefences'. Rungnir
Hnitbjorg Hnitbjorg is the place where the giant Suttung lives. Suttung once owned the mead of poetry. The name Hnitbjorg means 'the nitmountains'. Suttung
Ironforest The Ironforest is a dark, terrible forest. The wolf Hati and the giantess Angrboda lives there. Ironforest means 'dark, compact forest'. Angrboda Hati
Morkveden Morkveden is a dark forest in the south. The fire giants rode thru this forest when they where going to meet the aesirs for the Ragnarok battle.
Okolnir Okolnir is an island that belongs to the giant Brimer. There he has his feasthall in which the giants celebrates when Ragnarok is coming. Brimer
Trymheim In Trymheim lives the giant Tjatsi with his daughter, the hunt and skigoddess Skadi and his father Olvalde. Trymheim means 'the noisy home'. Skadi Tjatsi
Utgard Utgard is Utgardaloki's stronghold. There is a lot of beerfeasts for all the giants there, and once Thor and some other aesirs joined them. Utgardaloki
Vimur Vimur is a lake that Thor have to pass when he is going to Geirod. The giant's daughter Gjalp then floods it to stop him.
Midgard Humans The humans have lived in Midgard since Ask and Embla was created by Odin and his brothers. Life and Lust is the only ones that survive Ragnarok. Mannaz
Nifilhel Amsvartnir Amsvartnir is an ocean of darkness. In the middle lies the island Lungvi. The beach, Narstranderna is in front of the ocean.
Eljudnir Eljudnir is the deathgoddess Hel's dark stronghold. There stands Sickbed and the doorstep Fallfordarv. Eljudnir means 'emergency'. Fallfordarv Hel Sick Bed
Gjallarbridge The golden Gjallarbridge goes over the sea Gjoll from the world of the living to the world of the dead. Guardian by the bridge is Modgunn. Modgunn
Gjoll Gjoll is a sea with a constant, strong stream of knifes. The Gjallarbridge goes over it. Guardian by the bridge is the aesirgoddess Modgunn.
Gnipahellir By the entrance to the kingdom of death; Nifilhel is Gnipahellir. The wolfmonster Garm guards there. Gnipahellir means 'stonecave'. Garm
Helgate Helgate is the gate one have to pass if you're going to Hel's death kingdom, Nifilhel. Helgate is the highest of all gates in the world.
Helway Helway is the terrifying dark way that everybody have to pass to get to Nifilheim. The way leads to the Gjallarbridge where Modgunn guards.
Leipt Leipt is a holy flood with very light water. The name means 'the lightning'.
Lungvi The island Lungvi is in the middle of the ocean Amsvartnir. The gods chained the Fenrir wolf and Loki there. Lungvi means 'the lingcovered'.
Narstrand There lies tortured bodies in huge drifts. There is a hall made by poisonous snakes. All kinds of criminals gets there. Narstrand means 'corpse beach'.
Surrounding Bifrost Bifrost is the three colored rainbowbridge that connects Asgard and Midgard. Guardian of the bridge is Heimdall. His dwelling Himinbjorg lies there. Bifrost means 'the trembling way'. Heimdall
Ginnungagap Ginnungagap is the incredibly big void that before the creation was between Nifilheim and Muspelheim. The name means 'the wide-open gap'.
Muspelheim To the south lies the hot and burning Muspelheim. There rules the giant Surt with his flamming sword over the firegiants. Muspelheim means 'worlddestroyers home'. Surt
Nifilheim In the north you find Nifilheim, the kingdom of cold. The dragon Nidhoggr lives there. Nifilheim means 'the mist covered world'.
Svartalfheim In Svartalfheim lives blackalves and dwarves. It is a pretty terrifying place and it's said that they bury dead wizards and witches here. Dwarves Blackalves
Vanaheim Vanirs The vanirs are a family of gods and goddesses who stands for fertility, wealth and magic skills. They have lived as long as the aesirs. The most famous vanirs is Frey, Freya, Njord and Nerthus.
Yggdrasil Elivagor The flood Elivagor flows from the spring Hvergelmir towards Jotunheim. It's cold as ice and Aurvandil freeze off his toe there even though Thor carried him on his back.
Gimle Gimle is a hall more beautiful than the sun itself. To Gimle comes the really good people to be happy forever. The name Gimle means 'jewelcalm'.
Hvergelmir The spring Hvergelmir is seated next to Yggdrasil's root to the north. It has eleven ice cold rivers, one of them is Elivagor where Aurvandil froze his toe off. Hvergelmir means 'the rushing kettle'.
Mimir's Well Mimir's Well is under Yggdrasil's middle root. The water gives incredible knowledge. It is guarded by Mimir. Odin's eye is in it. Mimir Odin
Urdawell The smooth as glass Urdawell is next to Yggdrasil's root to the south. That's where the destinyfates lives. Urdawell means 'destinywell'. Skuld Urd Verdandi
Vidblain In the third heaven, Vidblain lives lightalves. They are friendly, with the same look and size as humans. They are skillful smiths. Frey is their leader. Alves

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